Monday, September 17, 2018


Yes its you masters of lie
Editor of empty promises
You champion with vague words
Bringing out rusted truth to deceive 
your preys
Words of deceit you have only 
Like the crispy meals you excrete daily.
It Is u constructors of lies
Just like diamond dat glints at the surface while the skeleton stinks
You who deceive ants to your merit
Woe to you!
It is you dictators of lies
You flatter people to do your biddings
Neglecting theirs for your salary of lies 
Your deceitful tongue always on duty
Your words sweet to the ears, snake to strike in times of reward
You court of lies 
Sacrificing justice at the altar of money
You that covers the truth with the paint of lie
Then you proclaim words of injustice
To cover your colleagues in crime
Woe to you!
You scientist that discovers falsehood
To render beings subject to your ills
You that is myopic to the truth
Woe to you! 

Woe unto you all colleagues of lie.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


It is the beauty of it all we                           haveOur love blossoming roses.
Each day that passes, it flourishes.
Its a gift the creator gave

It is the beauty of it all we enjoy.
Should these petals bloom forever,
I will reach for the sky.
The bliss will my heart absorb like a river.
Your love will be in the table of my
Your promises sown  on a fertile path.

Should we begat offsprings,
I will always show them my rings
The episode of our love will I read to them.
Then will I take them to the love realm.
The place I first saw the sunshine of
your smiles
I know they wont be weary to walk the miles.

Monday, September 10, 2018


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